New Jersey Sports Betting Handle Decreases in April

New Jersey Sports Betting Handle Decreases in April

Following the exciting month of March for many in the sportsbook pay per head solutions business, the New Jersey sports betting handle decreases in April. The state released their figures for April, and the total sports betting handle for the month of April is at $748 million. This is 14% lower than March’s $859.6 million. While we are seeing a decrease for this month, it is still better than the previous year.

Now that you are seeing a decrease in handle, not just in New Jersey, but in other states as well, you may wonder is becoming a bookie a good idea? For the record, it still is. It just so happens that March has more betting handle than usual due to college basketball. So, do not be discouraged over these slight bumps, as the sports betting market always recovers.

New Jersey Sports Betting

New Jersey Sports Betting Handle Decreases in AprilNew Jersey’s mobile betting handle for April is at $681.177 million, 12.7% lower than March’s $780.145 million. Revenue is also lower, with April’s $54.839 million lower than March’s $60.755 million. This is a 9.7% decline in revenue. Mobile betting continues to dominate the market, taking up 91% of the total sports betting handle of the state.

Meanwhile, we do have a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks, so May will be a very exciting month for sports bettors. If you pay attention to sports and gambling news, then you know that the NBA playoffs are happening soon. Other key sports events are happening as well. So, if locals will support teams such as the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Knicks and others, then we will be seeing more action. Especially if these teams hit the postseason.


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