Sportsbooks in Maryland Saw More Action in October

Sportsbooks in Maryland Saw More Action in October

Sportsbooks in Maryland are doing better in terms of betting handle and revenue for the month of October. This is in line with the trend where sports betting in the US tends to increase as we move on to the colder seasons. As a pay per head bookie, you should already be seeing betting activity pick up since September. But October tends to perform better for quite a few reasons.

Of course, both college and professional football are in full swing by now, with dozens of games each week. Basketball season also starts in October, with the NBA getting a lot of action from bettors not just in the US, but from around the world as well. Thankfully, your sports betting software makes your sportsbook accessible to players anywhere in the world, so distance is no hindrance for you to get players from other countries.

Sportsbooks in Maryland See Overall Increase in Betting

Sportsbooks in Maryland Saw More Action in OctoberAccording to the report of the Maryland Lottery and Gaming, sportsbooks in the state took in $39.7 million in wagers, which is 21.7% higher than that of September. Meanwhile, revenue for sportsbooks in Maryland are almost at $5.3 million. But if you deduct promotional play and other expenses, the revenue goes down to around $5.2 million. So when offering bonuses in your bookie business, make sure you plan your offers and promotions well.

The numbers may be lower than other states in terms of both handle and revenue. But this actually not quite bad for a market that offers brick-and-mortar sports betting only. Industry insiders are expecting that online sports betting will go live towards the end of November, or early December. Many hope for the first, as the World Cup will be on November 21, and it would be great to have access to online sportsbooks then.


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